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The Seer: The Power of Prophetic Vision, 1

Hi TODAYS, I trust you are living a happy and purpose-filled life, serving the Lord and His creations.

Today I’m going to share a true story that happened to me by God’s grace. My sole intention is to encourage you and is never about boasting about my gift in Christ. Being raised and mentored by prophets and apostles, the Lord permits me to inherit a measure of prophetic and apostolic grace.

I shall start the introduction of The Seer: The Power of Prophetic Vision with my first story.

Once upon a time, on Sunday morning service. I was on the stage, leading worship. Out of a sudden, the prophetic anointing came upon me. I saw a vision. I knew it was a specific word for a sister in the congregation. And she was sitting in the last row of the people. Without hesitation, I exercised courage. And placed my trust in the Holy Spirit and prophesied over the people. I said:

Kathrine (not her real name), nine months from today, the Lord will use you to share the Gospel with your family members. It will be a significant season for you and your loved ones. Those hearts which are hardened against the Lord Jesus will respond to His miraculous power. Through your sister, your parents and other family members would come to believe.

As I was releasing the word, I could feel the tangible presence of God. It was electrifying. I continued to lead songs, and the church continued in worship.

Fast forward to the timeline. One morning at the start of the ninth month after the release of that prophecy, Kathrine frantically called me. Her younger sister was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The size of it was as big as a tennis ball. Kathrine asked me to go along and travel down south to minister to her sister. The journey was around 4 hours 12 minutes. Instantly, I recollected in my memory that specific prophecy. I responded, Yes! Please come over and pick me up. I will pack some luggage and will travel with my family.

As soon as we arrived at Kathrine’s parents’ house, the sister waited eagerly to meet us. She was in great distress. We introduced ourselves. And shared the Gospel, the love of Jesus and His resurrection. The sister believed, responded to Jesus and accepted Him as her personal Lord and Saviour. Her countenance had a massive turnaround. Peace and comfort came over her.

The next day, she was admitted to a well-known hospital. The surgery was around 11-hour. Before she was pushed into the operation theater, we prayed and assured her that Jesus was with her.

We waited throughout the surgery, hoping and praying. The room light turned off, and the sister was being rolled from the operation room to her private room. Amazingly, she was wide awake and had such joy and peace on her face.

She got hold of Kathrine’s hand. She only said, Jesus was with me throughout the surgery. He sat right next to me, and we had our eyes locked. Soon afterwards, the younger brother rushed to her. He was a firm believer in his religion. The sister witnessed him and said a similar thing.

The following day, we visited her and prayed together. Her god-sister was there to hear of the divine encounter. She believes and gave her life to follow Jesus! Kathrine’s parents were amazed at the Gospel, the divine visitation of Jesus in the operation room. They were deeply touched and blessed by the goodness of Christ.

One week after the surgery, the sister had an unexpectedly quick recovery. The panel of doctors were amazed. It became national news. Afterwards, she was interviewed by one of the national news portals. She shared her experience with Jesus sitting right next to her.

What an incredible story, and may God’s name be praised!

There is absolute power in prophetic vision. I hope to share more in The Seer: The Power of Prophetic Vision Series. Look out for my next post.

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2 thoughts on “The Seer: The Power of Prophetic Vision, 1

  1. AMEN. God’s gift imparted in you has a specific purpose and timing. As you walk in obedience, more shall be added. Powerful testimony. Inspires and strengthens our walk in Him. Thanks you Ps Caleb. His NAME JESUS be glorified!

    1. Truly it was a season of grace, joy and rejoicing in Christ. Especially witnessing the works of God in that sister’s life, also her family members. I believe the Lord had used you and are using you in certain areas where He had gifted you. I look forward to hearing your stories. Cheers!

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