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Micah, The Seer: The Power of Prophetic Vision, 2

NOTE: The doctrinal viewpoint expressed in these Bible studies is the author, Caleb a.k.a. Aaron Tan’s personal view. They may not align in all aspects with the orthodoxy of the places of worship (if named or referenced) where these bible study(s) may have been presented.

Due to privacy reasons, all characters in this post are fictional but all events are true.

Hi TODAYS, I trust you are happy and living a purpose-filled life, serving the Lord and His creations.

In the second post of The Seer: The Power of Prophetic Vision, I am going to highlight a distinct insight of Micah. I would unpack it as close within the text and context. Leaving room for a story and ending the post with what I have learned.

Let us jump right into the Book of Micah, chapters 4 and 5. In summary, Micah saw a vision of the coming King. He will rule from Jerusalem and extend His reign into the entire world. The King will bring forth world peace. But before that happened, Micah saw the Messiah self-sacrificing himself to save His people. It was a promising and hope-giving vision to the Jews, yet, it was confusing and a faded hope for them because their Messiah died in the cause of the mission.

What would be the correct action from Micah? How should he respond to such a vision? If I were in his shoes, I would feel lost. I would be devastated. That is because Micah has no clues when the prophecy will come into fulfillment. When God released that prophetic vision, there was no mention of the time and date of its fulfillment. Try imagining you being put in that position.

When did the vision turn into reality? Well, there are two parts to the answer. In the first part, it was 764 years later from that point of the vision when the King of the Jews were killed. As for the second part, when will the King of kings reign from Jerusalem and extend his power to the world, bringing world peace. It has not taken place. Neither a single soul nor a single angel in the heavens can predict. Only the heavenly Father holds the answer (Matthew 24:36).

It was challenging for Micah. I believe it will be hard for us too. Being human, we are trained and educated to work around and within time. Almost every vision or dream from God, when it is given to us, we would assume a deadline. We wonder when we should carry out that task; and the date of accomplishing it. It is only normal and natural to think that way. Sadly so, that is not how God works.

Micah was deeply stressed. He was frustrated, argued with God and even acted as a defender for humans when God pronounced a near future judgment (Micah 1 to 3). The prophet misbehaved because of his disability to see a complete picture of the future reality. He didn’t have full knowledge and understanding of God’s plan. We probably will react like Micah too. Confused. Frustrated. Not knowing how to carry out the task, clueless when it will be fulfilled.

Here are a few pivotal points to consider when you find yourself in a similar position like Micah.

  1. Never rush into carrying out the prophetic vision. If we do that, we may create a new set of problems. Micah argued with God. But he was preserved because God was gracious towards him for one primary reason; Micah’s burden and compassion towards the deprived and the victims of the unjust government. His life was kept in God’s purpose and plans due to his sense of justice, merciful spirit and humble attitude in his walk with God. The Almighty God favored him.

    Instead of rushing to carry out the task, learn to take time out to seek God’s heart and mind. Most prophetic visions are far-stretched into the future. Without proper knowledge and understanding, we will misunderstand God. Meditating and praying into the prophetic vision is critical. And in the process of it, never rush to gain understanding. That will only increase frustration and lead to doing things in the flesh (Genesis 16). It is better to be safe than sorry. When mistakes are made, it opens up a portal of consequences.

  2. All prophetic visions require specific actions. When Micah was given the prophecy, he only preached and warned the people. As compared to Abram. He was meant to have a child with Sarai. From the childbearing, he was to be a father, followed by the father for a nation.

    The point I’m addressing here is, when God releases prophetic visions to you, learn to understand the specific role and string of actions you are to take. Assuming it to be done outside of the Spirit will only mess up God’s plan.

  3. Prophetic visions come with a price. Micah was in deep sorrow throughout chapters 1 to 3. That was because he knew the future of his people. The worst thing was, Micah knew that there was nothing he could do. From distress to joy in chapters 4 and 5 when he understood the big picture. That was the Messiah will rise to rescue the people, and the King of kings will reign throughout the world. At the end of his ministry, he was somewhat settled in his heart that God’s will is happening for an indefinite time. Some events would happen sooner. Others, who would ever know when and how but God Himself.

    Receiving prophetic visions may spike excitement at the start. But very quickly, a sense of dreariness would kick in when you see both sides of the event. To make things worse, when God’s people or those involved in the vision refuse to believe, repent, to do what God intended them to do. What could you do? What would you not do? It might be a painful, sorrowful journey ahead when you can see the future outcomes. While on the other hand, you get to rejoice with those who heeded and trusted the Lord.

Prophetic visions come with a price. You need to be mature in character, in Christ throughout the season.

In closing, I was once put into Micah’s position. During my early teens I had a brief conversation with a dear relative. I cautioned her about a critical decision she was pondering. And the decision will impact her relationship with her parents, especially with her dad. Also, there would be a challenging future to her decision with unpleasant consequences. I was too young then and absolutely without any knowledge about Christ. Putting aside prophetic vision? That term and concept don’t exist in a young boy. The word of cautious turned out to be a prophetic vision, and sadly, it came to pass. It saddens me because it was never meant to turn out that way. She had challenging years due to the decision she chose to make. But God remains faithful to her godly parents. Nearly four decades have passed, and I can only praise God for His grace and mercy. He preserves my very dear relative, her marriage and family.

Trust God one hundred per cent when He chooses you to receive prophetic visions. He knows you have what it takes to keep the secret until such a time for the prophetic vision to be made known to the others.

I hope this post blesses you. Leave a comment down below. Also, please pray into the space and support my ministry. Do give according to the joy, faith and the ability within your soul. I hope to share more in The Seer: The Power of Prophetic Vision Series. Look out for my next post.

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