You don’t need to walk alone.

We will be in the same place.

We will be in the same place.

The rich; the poor. The godly; the ungodly. Our bodies will decay because of old age. That day will come when we realise our bodies are fragile like a house of cards.

We will be in the same place.

When we are advanced in age, we hope to receive care and support, ideally from our children. Otherwise, care workers. They become the “BiPap”. Some help in cooking meals. Some help to do domestic cleaning. Some, bathing and caring for the personal hygiene.

We will be in the same place.

When we are not able to live without the support of others. A few would long for the good days when they were younger. Some choose to accept the reality of their current state of breakability. That they have come near to closing their chapter in this life.

We would be in the same place.

In the well-advanced, old and slow moments, neither our bodies nor our brains could act fast as in our youth. Some might spend more time reflecting. A few, regretting.

Finally, we all would have some wishes; to receive honour and be respected by our junior. Loved by our children and grandchildren. Hope we had lived a purposeful life; and that we had contributed to the world we had strolled on.

The last few moments before we closed our eyes for eternity, would we meet our Creator and fully embraces Him and be embraced by Him? That is the final countdown and the ultimate test. A decision that may be too late to make.

Life is short. Live wisely. Choose Christ and be accountable for our own lives.

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2 thoughts on “We will be in the same place.

  1. Coincidentally, have been thinking a lot in this line. Have had the privilege of honoring both my parents and caring for them which is truly a blessing. Living each day with hope and continue to be a steward for Him. Only He can satisfy us and lead us to overcome.

    1. You are an amazing daughter, both to your late parents and to our Heavenly Father. Your life has been and it is an example to others. I’m blessed to have a friend and sister-in-Christ like you. Many blessings to you!

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