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Stay innovative during COVID-19

  • Less than $0.10 cost to create a mouse pad
  • Less than a minute to create a mouse pad
  • What pushes me to think outside of the box?
At the start of public announcements with regards to lockdown, many panic buying wiped out toilet rolls across the marketplaces. Shelves were empty and most essential products were all gone. That is understandable.
Yesterday as I went for a mouse pad hunt, guess what? I couldn’t find any! I went from Officeworks, Targets, Big W, Woolworths, Coles, JB Hifi, EB Games, Miniso (was closed) and even Australia Post, hoping to get a $2.99 mouse pad. I found none.
I spent nearly an hour walking at a fast pace from this shop to that. I was disappointed, frustrated and puzzled at the same time. I wonder why the marketplace would run out of mouse pad?
I came home, and I went on YouTube, searching for ideas to create my mouse pad. After running through half a dozen videos, I figured, it requires too much time and too many materials. So I trashed all that knowledge I’ve researched on. What did I do?
I innovate!

How I DIY my mouse pad?

In less than a minute and below $0.10, I created my mouse pad. A sense of creativity and great achievement came upon me. I’m happy because I ended my day on a high note.
How I DIY my mouse pad?
Materials used:
  • Unused A5 booklet/operation manual
  • Invisible tape
The creation process is as easy as A, B, C. All I did was, I taped both sides of the A5 booklet so to keep it stationary. Due to a glossy surface on the brochure, it gives a nice smooth feel as I move the mouse. It works perfectly!
How would you stay creative and innovative in the COVID-19 season? Feel free to share your idea in the comment section.
Mouse pad
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