You don’t need to walk alone.

4 keys to unlocking the power of healing

A testimonial by Danielle Lee

  • Observe Communion by faith
  • Listen to the voice of God
  • Obey God's instruction
  • Declare the word of God

On Easter morning, I woke up having slight dizziness, but it grew worse to the point I felt like vomiting while I lay on the bed. I decided to get up and take Communion. I gave thanks for the cup, which represents the blood of the Lord shed for me while the bread symbolises His body broken for me. After partaking of the elements, I continued praying for healing while still feeling dizzy and nauseous.

A little while into praying, I felt the Lord asked me to say to my body to come into alignment with His Word.

Without hesitation, I obeyed and said to my body, "Body, by His stripes you are healed, come into alignment". As I continued to speak to my body to come into alignment with His word, I felt the dizziness and nausea left me. It went from intense dizziness and nausea to mild in a sudden manner. I continued speaking to my body that I will go about my daily activities with no dizziness. Then I carried out my daily activities without realising the dizziness left me entirely. I thank God for healing me.

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