You don’t need to walk alone.


Come to me all of you who are tired from the heavy burden you have been forced to carry. I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28, ERV)

The Lord Jesus promised His people rest. He Himself will give rest to those who go to Him. When that happens, it would be worries free! What does it look like when God promises you rest, a worries free life? Here’s a little story of my experience of resting in God.

It was around March 2020, when COVID-19 hit Melbourne, Victoria. The negative impact was tough. It forces all travel industries to shut down their business operations. My short stay business was badly affected! It went into the red overnight. I can’t afford two properties rental, and there’s zero income but a spike in expenses. I knew the business and my family would soon plunge into the financial ‘hell zone’.

I tried to think positively and put up a courageous front before my wife, three teenagers, the church, and friends. That positive mask soon started to peel off. I knew I’m entering depression because fear, anxiety and stress were too overwhelming to bear. 

“I have to do something real quick. Or else I would be a burden to my family. I can’t afford to enter depression.” I said to myself.

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So I sneaked out of my house on Friday 10:30 PM. I hid in my car, and I cried to Jesus. I poured my heart with much tears to Him. It was nearly an hour of intimate time in God’s loving presence that night. Suddenly a still small voice in greatest conviction and peace wrapped around me. Instantly, my tears of sorrow turned into a tear of comfort and joy. It was an out of this world experience. The voice said, “Do you trust Me? I don’t want you to worry. Place your confidence in Me. Trust Me.”

What took place after that Friday night was totally a divine intervention. Provision started pouring into my life. What was meant to be a disaster ended up a blessing! Ten months have passed since March, my family is in God’s hands. We still have a roof over our heads, proper meals every day and God’s way of providing and meeting our needs remain unchanged. What an amazing grace of my Lord Jesus. That is the power and benefit of resting in God!

Scripture reading: Matthew 6:31-34

Let’s Pray:

Dear God, thank you for inviting me into Your rest. It’s a privilege to be invited into the King’s chamber and find rest and dwelling. I could do so because of Jesus. It’s through Him that the grace and favour of God are now upon my life. Lord, I really enjoy being in Your presence, and by being with You, all of my worries are turned into peace. Having received the peace enables me to renew my faith in and for You. Hallelujah! Amen!!!

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