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Forget the past and look forward to the future

But forget all that—it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. (Isaiah 43:18, NLT)

I’m thankful to God because He is a forward thinker; thus, He looks to the future instead of getting trapped in the past. Nobody ever succeeded by living in the past and embracing yesterday. Have you crossed paths with people who chose to settle their lives with past achievements, and stopped advancing forward but yet achieving great things?

God has never intended His people to become a past dweller. He constantly moves His people forward. A classic story is the 450 years of slavery in Egypt. God waited for the moment when Moses was found in the right place at the right time. The Lord God raised him to do one thing—to lead His people out of slavery so that they could advance!

The most renowned prophet whom God downloaded profound revelation of the future; Isaiah spoke about forgetting the past and looking forward to the future. What exactly was the past he referred to?

God has never intended His people to become a past dweller. He constantly moves His people forward. #Caleb A. Tan

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It was all the miracles, power encounters, divine interventions during warfare, parting the Red Sea in Moses’s time, and so much more. In God’s sight, these are nothing as compared to that which is to come! He didn’t want the people to dwell in the past glory and power. Instead, the latter glory is far greater, and absolutely nobody would ever comprehend that. What was the future which Isaiah saw?

It was the coming of God’s very own Son, the Messiah whom a virgin bears. It’s Emmanuel, God Himself living in the midst of His people. What else can compare to such a divine provision?

The problem was, God’s people were too carried away by the physical manifestations of God’s power. The past trapped them. So, their eyes were blinded and could not see the future provision. That’s so unfortunate!

How about you? What is the past you need to let go? And how is your future look?

Scripture reading: Philippians 3:12-14

Let’s pray:

Lord, I’m inspired by Your promises for me about the near future, especially 2021! This year would be a year filled with surprises. I look forward to journeying with You to learn from You and partner with You to bring forth that which is in Your mind. I’m letting go of the past, and together with You, we are stepping forward into the future. Every day is a new day and a bright future. You have designed them for me! Hallelujah!

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