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A meaningful Christmas – Week 10, Reconnect

Sometimes we struggle with relating and building a relationship within the family or with friends. We need to put in the effort to develop the relationship. According to, reconnect means to re-establish a bond or communication or emotion. This season lets us focus on strengthening relationships within our family between husband and wife and parents with children or among siblings.

To deepen the bond between husband and wife, we need to learn to reconnect with each other. As time passes, our spouse might change in their personality and mannerisms due to many factors. Common factors that may contribute are such as a shift in the environment, lifestyle, or experiencing a new phase in our life. We should not let this affect our relationship but rather overcome it by learning how to reconnect with each other. Couples should grow in love together rather than apart. There are some questions and tasks in the worksheet that I hope will be a start in helping you to reconnect with your spouse. Reconnecting is a journey, and it takes time, but you got this!

Free Printable Worksheet

Reconnecting with our children is vital in growing together as a family. Our children grow every year, and as they mature, we need to rediscover their new hobbies, ambitions, passion, interest, and their likes and dislikes. Even the way we relate to them will evolve, from the way we treat them and speak to them as a child until they become an adult. They are continually changing at each stage of their development. We need to be conscious of how we relate to them and learn to reconnect with them.

Everyone belongs to a family, and we can enhance our relationships with each other as we celebrate A Meaningful Christmas. Remember to download your free copy of the worksheet.

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