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A meaningful Christmas 2020 – Week 11, Realign

Have you ever felt lost or just purposeless in life? Maybe you are searching and looking for a direction in life. Now it is the season to realign our purpose with God’s vision that he has for us. Last week we took some time to discover what is truly important and valuable to us. We begin to search deep to find our purpose, goals and destiny.

This week, let us take the next step as we celebrate a Meaningful Christmas. By realigning our plans, we can lead ourselves on the right path towards achieving our goals or destiny. According to, to realign is to change or restore to a different or former position or state. What are some changes we need to make to be on the right path towards our goals and dream life? For example, if one of my goals this coming year is to improve my health, I would need to make the necessary changes to my lifestyle. That way, I can be on the right track to having a healthier body.

Remember to download the free printable worksheet to help you get started on this week’s action plan. Let’s take one step at a time towards our goal. You can do it!!

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