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A Meaningful Christmas 2020, Week 2: Recreate

It’s time to create memorable moments and memories with people you love. Not everyone grew up enjoying Christmas. If you are one of those or you want to have a good time this year, then it is time to recreate new memories for 2020; ones that are happy and full of meaningful moments.

I’m no expert in taking photos, but I do know that some good picture takes planning. First, imagine a picture in your mind. For example, I can picture a photo of my family, and I enjoy the time together baking cookies in the kitchen. I would then plan a day and time where we would bake Christmas cookies together. While baking, I would take candid photo shots with my phone camera and images in-print in my mind. That’s it! Another wonderful memory for my family and I. What lovely pictures would you want to have for you and your family?

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We can replace bad memories with good ones or recreate the good memories. It can even become a family tradition for everyone to enjoy. Some other ideas are such as decorating the tree together, wrapping presents, candlelight dinner at home, baking cookies, and making gingerbread houses. There’s so much we can do together; the list can go on. Be intentional in creating fond memories as you plan your Christmas season with family and friends. Think pictures, think photos. Enjoy!

Let’s celebrate A Meaningful Christmas this year and have a very merry Christmas with loved ones.

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