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A Meaningful Christmas 2020, Week 3: Redecorate

Decorating is one of the fun activities to enjoy with our family for Christmas! It is time to pull out the tree and decorations. This year I decided to set up my Christmas tree with my family earlier in November. The tree lights up our home, and it brings some Christmas cheer. If you are someone who has always decorated your house the same way each year, then it is time for some change. Try to spruce things up a little or change the position of your Christmas tree. We can use the same decorations but decorate our place differently to give it a new feel for the holidays. Here are some ways we can redecorate our home this year:

  1. Change the position of the Christmas tree or add another tree to a different area of the home. 
  2. Change up some decorations. Store away the current home decor and replace it with Christmas decor.
  3. Simply switching things around can refresh the space.
  4. Add one or two new pieces in the home. It might be a piece of furniture, rug, table cloth, or decoration. 
  5. Light up! Lights can warm a space. Use candles or table lamps with warm light to give you space a warm ambiance in the night. 
  6. Switch out the towels or textiles. Replace your kitchen towel with a Christmas towel, or change the table runner with a Christmas centerpiece. 
  7. Fill the air with Christmas music. Play some Christmas music in the background to spread the spirit of Christmas. 
  8. Smile. The best way to spread the Christmas cheer is to be happy and smile at someone today.

There are so many ways we can decorate our homes and spaces for Christmas. How would you like to decorate your home this year? Share this special moment with a friend or family. Make this a meaningful Christmas. Remember to download our free pdf worksheet to help you get started. Let’s celebrate A Meaningful Christmas this year and have a very merry Christmas with loved ones.

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