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Testimonial: GW Khoo

On 6 Jan 2019, I just ended a 1-year- partnership-dispute in court since Nov 2018, and 2 out of 3 business venture had almost failed. Most of my partners from these business ventures had left me bearing all the expenses, leasing cost and legal responsibilities. On top of that, I almost filed a divorce with my wife. I was in a very depressed and miserable state where I had the feeling to end my life. Maybe God was with me at that crucial hour without me noticing. I had a sudden urge to call one of my friends and I told her about my situation. She claimed that she might know someone who may be able to help me.

The next day on 7 Jan 2019, I met Caleb for the first time. I didn’t know why but after talking to Caleb for 1 hour, I felt a sense of relief and I was much better. From here onwards I've decided to go with his mentoring session once a week. 3 sessions down the road, I started to see improvement in my emotions and spiritual condition. Not only that, I became addicted to Bible reading after 2 sessions with Caleb. The Bible has replaced Facebook and YouTube as entertainment without my realization. Besides, I could only comprehend around 40% of the sentences in the Bible yet I felt like reading more.

To be honest, I always thought that it must be a coincidence that I felt good after reading the Bible. Therefore, I purposely read the Bible stories when anxiety, fear, worries hit me. Believe it or not, not only all the negative symptom withdrew, but my spirit and soul started to grow positively by heaps and bounds within just 30 minutes of reading the Bible.

My wife started to notice that I was a very different person from before and she encouraged me to attend more sessions.

I am not sure if it’s because of Caleb’s energy, God’s power, Bible wisdom, sufficient rest, beautiful weather but that I stop fighting with my wife. Every time I have a mentoring session with Caleb, I start that day with excitement and it last from morning throughout the entire day.

27 Mar 2019, I heard a voice from my heart said: “Go for baptism in order to complete yourself in front of GOD”. After talking to Caleb and he agreed. We started the intensive 2 days of training before baptism.

Something weird happened on my way to the first-day training. My tears flowed down my face for a whole 10 minutes while I was driving and listening to testimony about God.

I was not sad, excited, depressed or happy at that moment. But I was very touched with what God had done in that testimonial.

Since that moment God touched me, I felt I had turned into a new individual. The feeling got even stronger after 2 days of training with Caleb and Debbie. My terrible anxiety, fear, worries, self-condemnation, mood swings, anger, bad temper, impatient, speak-without-thinking has improved. I feel more ease, calm, peaceful, patient, pleasant, relax when I am dealing with my problems, family relationship, business partners. I feel that I have GOD around me and the Holy Spirit is looking after me from within no matter how bad or how costly the consequences might be.

I have been enjoying the fruitful result given by GOD. I am still very positive that GOD will bless me more in the future to come. Instead of thinking of my business failure and be worried again, I start thinking about how can I introduce my parents, loved ones and friends to GOD. I want them to know that there is someone who is powerful, is patiently waiting, watching, and listening to them as long as they are willing to open and accept. Amen!

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