You don’t need to walk alone.

Easing an awkward moment

Most of us have had at least one awkward moment in our lifetime. How we wish the earth could swallow us up right there and then. “Oh my, how did I end up here in this embarrassing moment!”

Hey, let’s learn to be chilled. I am fully aware that it’s easier said than done. But really, in the awkward and embarrassing moment, we are the only one who wishes things would not be done that way. We would wish we didn’t make such choices or chose to be at that place. There are plenty of “what if…” our mind can create. These thoughts which run like a hamster running on the wheel will only make things worse.

Instead of letting these thoughts play in our mind, we can learn to take control over it?

So it was one productive morning after a business meeting. Debbie and I decided to have lunch at a nearby cafe. As soon as we parked before our eyes were someone we didn’t expect to cross path with. Instantly both parties had this awkward moment. What do we do? To drive away will only make us more embarrassing with each other. Oh, how I wish the earth can swallow me right now!!! (smile…)

As we walked nearer to them, I took up courage and waved with a smile. Both parties were really embarrassed. As we took our seats, Debbie out of her wisdom texted a close friend of ours. She invited her to join us for a chat. Within minutes, our friend turned up and we chatted on random topics. We had so much laughter and it became a meaningful lunch fellowship.

I then realized that I can take control of my emotions that make me feel embarrassed or awkward. I can train that “little hamster” in my mind to behave.

Another precious thing which I discovered is, in time of need I actually have a friend who would go the extra mile for us. Just by showing up and being with us brought much comfort to my soul. This is what I would call, true friend.

So, if you happened to find yourself in an awkward situation like me, instead of leaving; remember to think of a friend who would take the time to be with you, like a comforter. Such a friend is like a precious jewel.

Once again, thank you for taking the timeout to follow our stories. May you have a great day ahead!

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