You don’t need to walk alone.

Step 9/21: Start today! Be a God pleaser.

It was on the 7th day of my fast; I went to my prayer closet to pray. By now, I pray for two hours, sometimes three. During my prayer, I heard a still small voice, and it awakened my spirit. A deep conviction arose, and God told me that He is coming to visit my family.

A deep conviction arose, and God told me that He is coming to visit my family.

What happened on the 8th day was beyond imagination.

God came to visit my daughter in her sleep through a dream and a spiritual encounter. He allowed her to experience the unthinkable, and it awakened her inner man. A sudden transformation took place within 48 hours, and it was like a eureka moment for her. She is now on a journey to know more about God and to pursue her dreams with new strength and determination. The power and tangible presence of God lifted her soul and changed her to become a better person.

That same morning, a friend of ours came for a visit, and he offered to give us a full body massage and bought us lunch. God’s provision started flowing into our home. There are a string of God’s provision beyond my imagination. It is not that I prayed or asked God for these blessings, but it was purely out of my hunger for Him. I carry on my heart a single desire, that is to know Him more. I want to be in His presence like a lover to Lover; like a true son to the Father; like a deer pants after the living stream.

Start today! Commit your time to seek God’s face. By faith, we can please God and be a God pleaser. His favour and grace will be upon us.

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