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Raising Family: 5 Productive Activities to Bond with Your Children.

When I was a homeschooling mom, I have learnt that the best lessons are taught by working together and being hands-on in achieving a specific goal. Finishing a project with my children is always rewarding because it gives us the joy and satisfaction of our accomplishment. It does not have to be daunting but fun and enjoyable. Here are five ideas of activities that you can incorporate on weekends or during the school holidays:

  1. Bedroom Refresh
    Redecorating your child's room can be an enjoyable process while giving you time to bond with your child. Have fun painting the room together, shopping for items or rearranging the furniture. Once completed, it feels like a new room, and this can motivate your child in preparation for a new term.
  2. Movie Night
    Movie night is always fun. Selecting a great movie is vital. Consider watching inspiring stories of real-life heroes or biographies (depending on your child's age). We can impart values and inspire our child through good movies.
  3. Family Project
    Holidays are a great time to work on projects with your child. Example, doing a big Jigsaw Puzzle (500 or more pieces) depending on their age, if you are a handy person, build a shelf, a garden swing or even home gym or a herbal garden. Almost anything can be a 'project' if you include your child. Children of all ages love spending time with their parents. Working on projects is an excellent opportunity for bonding.
  4. BBQ or the Tea Party
    It can be a simple tea party for your child to host for their grandparents or friends. Your child would learn to cook or bake, plan and prepare to host a small event at home. With your help and guidance, it would be a success!
  5. We are learning together
    Find a course that both you and your child enjoys. It might be a cooking class, gardening workshop or an online course. You will be amazed at your child if he/she begins to take on the reins and guide you through the course. Learning together is fun and worthwhile.

The best part of the holidays are the precious memories you create for your family. Time will pass, but memories last forever!

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