You don’t need to walk alone.

Step 13/21: Start today! Rejoice when your faith is tested!

Seldom have I come across students who enjoy sitting for an examination. I remember as though it was yesterday when my teacher prepared me for piano exams. It was such a drag, and for weeks and months, I struggled to find peace and joy attending those classes. Honestly, I hated every moment of it.

I disliked piano lessons for two primary reasons. First reason, I never asked to sign up for it, but my parents thought it is a useful skill for me. The second reason, I was a slow learner, and I progressed extremely slow. Due to this factor, I was regularly punished by a teacher who taught me in the initial phase, before grade one. I would consider it as abuse because he knocked my fingers with a pencil, and at times, a metal ruler.

Despite all that I had gone through, I completed grade six exams for the practical aspect, and grade five theory.

I never knew what piano lessons and music knowledge could contribute to my life until I knew the Lord Jesus. Later part in my twenties, I started a songwriting journey and those years of struggle paid off.

As we continue our journey with the Lord, frequently, our faith could be tested. We may not understand the trial and testing while in the midst of it, but as we exercise the right attitude and relying on God, we will soon understand the reason and purpose behind the trial. I can assure you that our God will never abandon us.

So, rejoice or learn to be still in the midst of trial and testing.

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