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Raising Family: Speed Decluttering

Everyone is busy, and it can be challenging to declutter, especially when we don’t feel like it. But what if there is a way to speed it up and make it doable and achievable. Here are my tips on Speed Decluttering, bite-sized method for starting.

Step #1

Have five boxes ready. (Box 1: Throw, Box 2: Keep. Box 3: Sell, Box 4: Donate, Box 5: Consider) Place them together in an area of the house. It can be a garage or living room. It depends on how urgent you need to get the decluttering process done. If you are going to move soon, then I suggest in the centre of your home. But if you are in no hurry, then maybe place them in the garage or bedroom. You can always move the boxes.

Step #2

Select an area you wish to declutter. Then every item that you pick up place it in one of the boxes right away. Don’t overthink it, if you are not sure to let it go or not, put it in the ‘Consider’ box. This method is a Speed Decluttering Process; the aim is to declutter fast. If you need more time to decide on an item, leave it in the ‘consider box’ for later. When you do have time, you can revisit the box and declutter these items. Another idea is if you have not used anything in the “Consider Box” for a year, then donate the entire box. Depending on your style of preference.

Step #3

Done for now.

If you have time, put away the items in the ‘Keep’ box or pack it up if you are moving. Clear the other boxes when it’s full. (Throw the trash in the “Throw Box”, take all the items in the ‘Donate Box’ to goodwill, put up on sale items in the ‘Sell Box’ and revisit the ‘Consider Box’ in the future or when you have time, to sort the things)

Speed Decluttering is a time saver in decluttering surface areas of the home such as kitchen countertops, foyer table or dining table. Some places might require more time if the area is more significant, such as a closet or desk. Taking a few minutes to clear one section at a time is doable. Do a little each day, and before you know it, you have decluttered your entire home. Enjoy!


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