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Raising Family: Decluttering the clothes closet.

Give your wardrobe a fresh start. It is time to tackle the clothes closet, and this can be a daunting task for some of us. Remember to keep the process simple. I use five boxes or category. Keep, Toss, Donate, Sell and Considering.

Here are my necessary steps of the decluttering process.

  1. My first step is to empty the clothes closet. Place all the clothes on the bed.
  2. Clean the shelves.
  3. Start sorting, one piece at a time. Sort through the clothing into five categories. Keep, Toss, Sell, Donate or to be Considered.
  4. Next, I organize my closet using baskets or boxes to hold similar clothes such as underwear, swimsuits, and so on. Then I keep like items together and arrange them neatly onto the shelves or hang them up.

Some tips I’ve learnt along the way:

  1. Standardize all the hangers for a clean look.
  2. Get a second opinion from a spouse or friend for clothes you are not sure whether to keep or donate. I find it helpful to have my husband to help me with some discussion. I’ll ask him if that blouse or style suits me. Sometimes I ask my children and trust me, they always give their honest opinion, and this helps me to decide.
  3. Allow yourself to keep a few pieces of sentimental memorabilia till the time you are ready to part with it. Consider keeping a photo of the piece rather than the actual clothes.

Decluttering is a process. If you are new to decluttering, it takes time to learn to let things go. Every round you declutter, you will begin to find it more manageable.

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