You don’t need to walk alone.

Step 20/21: Start today! Overcome the enemies of the faith.

Have you been in a position where things are wrong in many ways? These situations and circumstances seem to have a hold on you, and you felt hopeless, fearful, and your mind filled with doubts!

Well, I had been in such moments. It can be detrimental to physical health. I was in my late twenties, but I suffered high blood pressure due to an enormous amount of stress. I remembered trying to press into worship, prayer and meditation on the Word. Nope! It didn't work during that time. It wasn't because these spiritual exercises are powerless, but there are different strategies require.

My spiritual parents visited and ministered to me. I picked up a golden principle then, and I applied it instantly. That is to rest in the Lord by trusting Him wholeheartedly. What it means is, to believe in His character, His nature and His integrity. Almost immediately, I came to realise that my mind can only focus on either fear and doubt or, faith and courage. Right there and then I decided to overcome the enemies of the faith, which are fear and uncertainty. mind can only focus on either fear and doubt or, faith and courage.

Praise be to God that, my blood pressure dropped to regular reading when the evening came. I regained strength.

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