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Coping with Change: Insights from Moses

Change is a constant in life, much like taxes that we can’t avoid. It’s a universal experience that we all encounter at various points on our journey. While change can be challenging, looking to historical figures like Moses can provide us with valuable insights on how to navigate these transitions.

During the time of the Exodus, Moses, a revered leader, guided the Israelites through numerous significant changes over a span of forty years. As a leader, he faced countless challenges, yet he embraced every moment of it, even to his final breath. This raises an important question: How did Moses cope with all these changes throughout his life? Let’s explore a recent insight from my devotional time.

One essential aspect of Moses’ journey is that many of the changes in his life were initiated by a higher power, by God Himself. For instance, when Moses encountered God at the burning bush, it marked the beginning of a profound change in his life and his assignment. God had a specific purpose and plan for Moses to fulfill, and this encounter was the catalyst for that change.

Another pivotal moment was when God called Moses to the mountaintop for 40 days and nights, ultimately giving him the Ten Commandments. This event had far-reaching consequences for the nation of Israel, as it marked a significant change in their way of life and governance. Similarly, when Moses had a final view of the Promised Land and passed away, it signaled a change in leadership, with Joshua taking the reins. This transition was instrumental in launching the nation of Israel into the Promised Land.

Behind all of these major changes in Moses’ life was God’s divine initiative. Moses understood that proper transitions lead to victorious transitions. He gained revelational understanding as he transitioned alongside God, leading His people forward. Throughout this era, God’s glory continuously manifested itself, showing that divine guidance and purpose were at the heart of these changes.

In reflecting on Moses’ journey, we can draw parallels to our own lives. Over the past few years, many of us have experienced significant changes, some of which may have been initiated by a higher power or a greater plan. Just as Moses trusted in God’s guidance and purpose, we too can brace ourselves and trust that there is divine guidance in our lives, leading us toward a victorious transition in the upcoming season.

Change may be inevitable, but with faith and trust in the higher purpose guiding us, we can navigate life’s transitions with resilience and hope. As we look to Moses as an example, we find that even in the face of profound change, there is an opportunity for growth, understanding, and ultimately, a victorious journey forward.

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