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Clapping as an expression of worship

Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy.

(Psalm 47:1)

There are a few moments in worship when I clapped my hands, and I felt the anointing of God flowing through my hands. I felt as though I was breaking down the barriers or walls, just like the story of Jericho. Each clap is a strike.

In Hebrew the word clap is tä·kah’ means to make all kinds of noise, even to strike. Clapping is also an expression of celebration. One particular Sunday, I was standing beside my mom during the worship, and I started clapping while I focused on Jesus, and I was cheering Him on like His super fan. Soon after that, my mom said she could feel electrified hearing my clap, there was such an anointing, and I thought it too. Something happens in the supernatural realm when we clap our hands. I feel it amplifies in heaven, maybe like the sound of thunder. It elevates the tone of praises and worship. 


In your prayer time today, if possible, clap to the Lord. Clap in our prayer and worship.

Let’s pray

Thank You, dear Holy Spirit, for teaching us to clap to the Lord. We can raise our praises through our clap. Thank you, God, for giving us the ability to clap and to amplify our sounds of worship. Grant us such breakthroughs as we pray and worship each day. Lord, protect us from every harm and danger. Keep our loved ones and us safe. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.  

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