You don’t need to walk alone.

An ancient righteous wealthy man

Even now there is someone in heaven who will speak for me. There is someone above who will testify for me.

(Job 16:19, ERV)

Which bible character comes to your mind when you think of a righteous man and woman? I used to think of Abram for he was credited righteousness because he believed the Lord (Genesis 15:6). But in this post, I would like to focus on Job. I admire his character and truthfulness towards God! Job carries a different dimension of righteousness, and the quality of his characters was the currency of faith.

The Book of Job describes him as one of the, if not, the wealthiest men in his era. He was godly and faithful to God. He was a worshipper, practicing holiness regularly. Whenever his children threw a party, after a few days, he would offer sin offerings and repent on behalf of all his children. In the act of repentance, he stood in the gap between his children and the Almighty God. That is a picture of intercession, advocating on behalf of his family.

Despite an overnight crisis which destroyed his business, family and health, Job remained holy, God-fearing and upheld righteousness before his God. That is a whole new level of faith, and his righteous living manifest in character.

His righteous living manifest in character.

Throughout his trial and testing, friends visited him. Not to bring him comfort, but they criticised and pressured him. They insisted that Job had sinned against God. For that reason, God judges him! Days, and weeks, and months of mocking, negative voices drilled into his mind. But Job’s faith in God was not at all shaken. He remained truthful and blameless before men and God. He refused to speak evil against God. He didn’t entertain ungodly thoughts. He aligned his character to God’s character, and that broke through every hostile atmosphere. How awesome is that!

At one point amidst his suffering, he looked to heaven and said, “Even now there is someone in heaven who will speak for me. There is someone above who will testify for me.” This short sentence is loaded with descriptions of Job’s righteousness, character and godliness. First of all, he is confident that ‘someone’ in heaven will speak for him. That is also a picture of intercession. Job trusts in God for advocating his innocence. Secondly, he believes that a Witness will testify for him. That implies his intimate relationship in God’s presence. He believes God was and is with him. His character was all that he needed.

Fast forward the entire season of his suffering, and God honoured him for he was found blameless by restoring all that he had lost. His character, integrity of the heart, pleases God.

May God find our character righteous and blameless like His servant, Job. May this tough pandemic season turn into a season filled with supernatural encounters and divine blessings to our homes and families.

Scripture reading: Genesis 15

Let’s pray

Dear God, I thank You for introducing Your servant Job. His character is highly impressive. Please help me to cultivate character like him, one that is full of faith, blameless and of high integrity. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen!

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