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19 Signs You’re Functioning as an Adult

An ongoing issue that is often left undiscussed among families is the challenge of young adults, who, despite reaching the legal age of adulthood, do not function as one. Fathers, in particular, often struggle with this issue in silence, feeling frustrated and concerned about their child’s lack of independence and responsibility. Unfortunately, many young adults are unaware of this issue, and even when they do recognize it, they may not take any steps to address it.

In practical terms, functioning as an adult means taking on responsibilities and making decisions that contribute to a successful and fulfilling life. It means being financially independent, able to manage one’s own affairs, and taking ownership of one’s life. However, many young adults do not possess the skills or the drive to take on these responsibilities, leaving them in a state of limbo between childhood and adulthood.

There are several signs that indicate an individual is functioning as an adult. These include:

  1. Paying bills and managing finances responsibly
  2. Maintaining a steady job or pursuing education
  3. Living independently or contributing to household responsibilities
  4. Taking care of their own health and wellbeing
  5. Having healthy relationships
  6. Making responsible decisions and taking ownership of their mistakes
  7. Planning and working towards future goals
  8. Contributing to society or their community
  9. Handling stress and adversity in a healthy manner
  10. Respecting other people’s boundaries and opinions
  11. Maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness
  12. Handling conflicts and difficult conversations in a respectful manner
  13. Demonstrating good communication skills
  14. Taking responsibility for their own personal growth and development
  15. Being able to cook and provide for themselves
  16. Managing time effectively
  17. Demonstrating empathy and understanding towards others
  18. Being able to ask for help when needed
  19. Respecting the law and adhering to social norms.

If you are a young adult struggling to function as an adult, it is important to take action to develop the necessary skills and mindset. You can start by setting goals for yourself and creating a plan to achieve them. Seek out advice and support from trusted friends, family, or professionals, and work on building your self-confidence and independence. Taking small steps towards adulthood can be daunting, but it is important to remember that every effort towards personal growth and development is a step in the right direction.

In conclusion, it is crucial for young adults to take ownership of their lives and start functioning as adults. By developing the necessary skills and mindset, they can lead fulfilling and successful lives. It is time for young adults to step up and take responsibility for their own growth and development, and for families to provide the support and guidance necessary for them to do so.

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