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Week One: To-Gather

Christmas is a time to get together.

Welcome back to our Christmas Series. The past two years have been challenging for many family and friends to gather and celebrate God’s goodness and unconditional love for us. This season we can travel again and reunite with our loved ones.

Early this year, we lost someone dear and close to our hearts, my mother-in-law. She was an extraordinary woman who blessed everyone around her in so many ways. Every year friends and family would gather at her home to reunite and celebrate Chinese New Year. She enjoyed cooking and connecting with people through her love and hospitality. She gave because she loved, just as God gave His son to save us because He loves us. My family and I could not attend her funeral because of the travel bans due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We remember her and the remarkable life she demonstrated to us. She is much loved and deeply missed.

The lockdown has taught me to appreciate and value the time and need for gathering. Let us not take each other for granted and enjoy the freedom we now have to meet up and reconnect with family and friends.


Christmas is the perfect time to gather and spread love. Let us start by being intentional with making plans for the next few weeks.

Here are a few questions to help to get you started:

  1. Who have you been thinking about lately?
  2. Is there someone you miss?
  3. Is there someone you have been concerned about recently?
  4. When was the last time you spoke with a close family member?

Make a goal to meet someone you would like to reconnect with and catch up with each week.

In the next four weeks, we will unpack ways we can work towards building connections and strengthening relationships. Let us discover the joy of being together.

Blessings to you.

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