You don’t need to walk alone.

Welcome Home!

Home is where the heart is, and the family makes a home.

I realize that taking a few minutes to unwind and relax puts me in the right place before my children return from school. I want my children to feel welcome when they arrive home not bombarded by corrections and frustrations. As a parent, I play a vital role in creating that happy, healthy environment. I remember when I was young, more often than not when I arrived home, my mom would greet me with a big warm welcome. She would say, "Hi!! Hi! Come and have lunch (or dinner)!". Even if she is in a meeting at home, she will greet me when I walk through the front door. It made me feel like I'm important to her, and it made me feel happy to be home. Today I apply the same gesture towards my family.

Some years ago, I read the life-changing story of a mother who works as a Hotel PR Manager. She performs well at work but came back to a chaotic home. One day she had an idea to treat her home like her workplace. She decided to treat her family like they were her VIP guest. She started planning and organizing her home. Now when she arrives home, she will set the dinner table and prepare for her 'guests'. She would welcome them and make them feel special. As time goes by, she noticed definite improvements in her family. Her children begin to treat each other with respect and politeness. They started to help around the house and learn to serve. We are our children's role models. The positive impact is contagious. She began to see the 'fruits' of the good 'seeds' she has sown. Her home became a happier place.

Enjoying the present with our children is creating happy memories for them in the future. We can start by asking "Where did you go that you felt welcomed?" "What made you feel welcomed?". Apply these to your home. Let's make our home a welcoming environment.

Home is where the heart is, and the family makes a home.


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