You don’t need to walk alone.

Week Two: It Only Takes A Call / Text

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is
For brethren to dwell together in unity!
Psalm 133:1

Meeting up and organizing a get-together can sometimes be a big task or as simple as meeting up over a cup of coffee. The famous saying, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder,’ is so true when we are apart from someone we love.

I remember when I was going to meet up with my grandmother along with my family for lunch on Monday. The phone rang on Saturday, and grandma had gone to be with the Lord. What was supposed to be a happy reunion turned out to be a funeral. I was deeply disappointed. So often, we assume that there is a next time. We take for granted the necessity to meet up. There is a difference between meeting someone in person and connecting online. When we meet in person, we experience a deeper level of connection.

This Christmas season, let us be intentional and make time to spend with friends and loved ones. The first step is to make that call. However, with everyday tasks and work, we tend to put off that call. Notice how a simple call or text gets pushed to the end of our ‘to dos’ list if we remember to list it. Most often than not, it doesn’t get on the list, and only a few days later do we remember to make that call for a meet-up. To help me solve that problem, I have made it a point to send a text immediately. That way, I don’t have it as a task to be remembered. It only takes a minute to send a text to ask a friend or family for coffee. It is faster and more convenient to send a text than to make a phone call, whichever works.


The first step is to avoid procrastination. Have one or two people in mind to meet up with these few days. Next, send them a text or make a call and have it checked off the list.

There are many ways we can get together. We can organize a dinner or party and invite friends and family to gather or keep it simple with a cup of tea or coffee. Either way, it is always good to meet in person, even though it takes time and inconvenience from our usual day-to-day activities, but it is all worth it.

We are to connect, and no one should be left alone. Loneliness is unhealthy. Let us spend some time with one another.

Remember to text or call a friend when you wish to meet up.

Have a wonderful Christmas with friends and family. Take some time out of your busy schedule and get together.

God bless you and have a very merry Christmas.

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