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Week 3: Christmas traditions

Therefore, brethren, stand fast and hold the traditions which you were taught, whether by word or our epistle.
1 Thessalonians 2:15

What do you enjoy most during Christmas? Do you have special Christmas memories as a child? 

I remember certain Christmas traditions that I enjoyed growing up, and I have adopted some of these traditions in my own family. None of these practices was placed on us to carry through to our children, but there are certain ones that I love, and I chose to have it as a tradition in my family.

I believe that traditions remind us of our childhood, our family values and roots or culture, and passed on to our children. Since my first child was born, I have made one habit: fill my children’s Christmas stockings with goodies and little trinkets and place them on their beds early Christmas morning before they wake up. Every year my children would wake up on Christmas morning with their stockings filled at the end of their bed. I genuinely enjoy this tradition, and it is up to them if they want to continue this tradition or not.

Another is wrapping raisin boxes as ornaments. I remember growing up wrapping small raisin boxes with my mom and hanging them up on the tree for our guests to enjoy. Till today, I still hang raisin boxes as ornaments on my tree. To make this a fun time with family, I would plan a day and time with my family, usually at night, then set the mood with music, light a candle and have all the items ready. Some of us will wrap the raisin boxes, while others will help me wrap other gifts or hang out with us and enjoy the company. It is always enjoyable.

What are some traditions you would like to have with your family? 

List down 1 or 2 traditions, and remember to add them to your Christmas plan as I will share more about that next week. 

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