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The Potter’s Hand

But now, Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are our potter. We are the work of your hands. Isaiah 64:8 (GW)

Pottery is one of the most excellent skills. When a potter with knowledge and experience picks up clay, he could turn it into anything he wishes it to be. The process may be as short as five minutes. All he needs is the potter's wheel, water to keep the clay moist and his pair of hands. Once the object is shaped, high-temperature heating is used to dry the pottery.

Could you imagine a worthless clay in the hands of a potter transforms into a valuable piece of art?

Scripture assures us that we are the clay, and God is our potter. Some of us struggle with the fact that we are of little values like clay. We are a nobody and good for nothing. But this is not so in the eyes of God. He favours us, and He will pick us up, place us on the potter's wheel and anoint us with His Spirit. Within a short period, a worthless clay is now God's prince and princess. He picks up a devalued thing and turns into a masterpiece.

I want to encourage you to place your insignificance life to God's hand. Very quickly, your worth will soar, and the world would come looking for you. God will put His values on you because you are now a special edition—the masterpiece!

Let us pray:

Dear God, take my life and change me into all that You seem fit for Your plans. My worthless life soon becomes a masterpiece—the only piece on earth. The process of pottery will make me highly valuable, expensive and rare. In Jesus' name. Amen!


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