You don’t need to walk alone.

The Lord Will Do Everything for Me

The Lord will do everything for me. O Lord, your mercy endures forever. Do not let go of what your hands have made. Psalm 138:8 (GW)

Such a deep sense of assurance when King David sang,” The Lord will do everything for me.” That was the picture of the intimate relationship between him and the Lord. King David knew the Lord from a heart and soul level. He carried on his heart full confidence that his Lord will never abandon him, especially when he was hiding from his enemies.

Like King David, you can also enjoy such a level of intimacy with the Lord. I can guarantee you that as soon as your lips call upon Him; and as soon as your heart cries for Him, God the most loving Father will come running after you. He is waiting for you. God, as a Father, loves to put full attention on you because His desire is for you. He chose to do everything for you. That’s the way He shows love to His child who pleases Him.

When His outstretched arms wrap around you, none of your enemies will dare to come close to you. You are 100% secured in His loving arms. His love for you is your confidence.

You are 100% secured in His loving arms. His love for you is your confidence.

A Prayer for Today:

Dearest Father, I thank you for your loving-kindness. Your love is beyond description. I know I’m secure in You even though my enemies may plant doubts and fear into my head. Your love is my security. You are my refuge, and you will do everything for me. I’m drawn closer to You each day because I’ve tasted Your mercy and grace. I love you, always. I praise You in Jesus’ name! All of God’s people shout,” Amen!!!”

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