You don’t need to walk alone.

The Island In The Middle Of The Sea

Part 1: In The Middle Of The Sea

It was another day in the middle of the sea
Where an Island of beasts happened to be
Both large and small, tall and short
It was a place no man will ever see

In the middle of the sea where the island would be
Where seas would roar and the sky would sing
While food was scarce but land was green
No man could live on an Island like this

Hidden within the mist in the middle of the sea
Away from man, was an Island that once breathed
The air of humans and beings with razor teeth
Now no longer bore for the two separate beings

And on the Island
Where four-legged creatures now stood like two
Discovered their home crumbling like leaves
Because no human was keen to live with beasts

As there were no humans in the sea
The Island will remain incomplete
But unless there’s hope
The beasts of the land will fall
With the Island in the middle of the sea

Copyright © 2020 by Caylie Sern Ai Tan
All rights reserved


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