You don’t need to walk alone.

Step 7/21: Start today! Pray and fast by faith.

As I write this post, I am on the 17th day of an Intermediate Prayer and Fasting season. I skipped the evening meal and isolated myself to pray. I started setting an hour during the first three evenings to pray. By the fourth evening, an awakening took place deep in my spirit and my one hour pray extended into two-plus hours, and today, I pray for at least three hours in one sitting.

Ever since I embark on this journey of praying by faith, there are a few exciting surprises from God the Father. These surprises come as blessings, provisions, favour, grace and transformational power on people in my world.

In this coming few posts, I felt on my heart to share one experience at a time. I intend to encourage my readers to pursue God on a higher degree of personal interest and spiritual discipline. Scripture promises us that "God will reward those who diligently seek His face because God is the Rewarder" (Hebrews 11:6).

My first unusual experience in prayer and fasting took place on the second evening. God didn't want me to bring my prayer requests before Him. He told me, "Son, I already know everything which is on your heart–your needs and wants; anxieties and worries; fear and concern; troubles which your congregation are facing and more."

The Holy Spirit taught me to pray.

The Holy Spirit taught me to pray. He said, "As you pray, focus on seeking the face of God. Call upon His name, again and again. Watch your heart's intention and attitude to ensure it is about wanting more of God. Desire Him above every other thing in this life. Love Him and return to the first love you once had with Him. He is your lover and long to see His face. Nothing more, nothing less than this focus."

As I obeyed and followed the teaching of the Holy Spirit, things began to unfold before my very eyes. A string of events started to happen from the third evening onwards, and I will share it with you in my next post–Step 8/21 of Activating Faith series.

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