You don’t need to walk alone.

Step 4/21: Start today! Speak by faith.

I had many experiences in the ministry of prayers, prophetic proclamation, making decrees during worship leading, and the list goes on. One thing for sure which I can testify and that is, there is absolute power and authority when you speak by faith!

Speaking by faith is more than just praying out loud. It is more than just prophesying intensely. It is about the partnership between you and God. It is about having a perfect alignment of the heart and spirit in the Holy Ghost.

One of my experiences in the area of speaking by faith took place in a Sunday Service. I was leading worship. The Spirit of the Lord prompted my heart, and a specific message convicted me in a most profound sense. I obeyed and spoke by faith. Below was the prophetic word I released:

“Clara (A fictional name), nine months from today, the Lord is going to visit your younger sister. In this encounter, she is going to give her life to Jesus. A great miracle is going to happen during this moment. There will be major healing over her. Through her experience in Jesus, your family members and parents will witness the goodness of Jesus.”

Before I carry on sharing the outcomes after nine months, allow me to share a bit of background about the younger sister. She was already in crises and living in misery. She was not at all interested with Christianity.

What happens nine months after the prophecy to Clara was life-transformational!

Clara’s sister discovered a tumour in her brain. Its size was as large as a tennis ball. Within three days upon the diagnosis, she scheduled for operation. The night before her admission, I visited her and led her to receive Jesus as her personal Lord and Saviour. During our dialogue, I told her that God is going to be with her, and I encouraged her to trust Jesus throughout the surgery.

The next day, she went for the operation that lasted almost twelve hours. As soon as she was rolled out from the operation theatre, she looked with excitement and witnessed Christ to her youngest brother (one that is against Christianity), soon she shared her story with us:

“I saw Jesus, and he was sitting right next to me throughout the operation. He held my hand and assured me of wellness.”

After 24-hours from her operation, she started to share Jesus to her family and visitors. She discharged in less than seven days. Her recovery rate was beyond medical explanation, and a national television station invited her for an interview.

What an awesome God we serve!

Let us come back to speaking by faith. Speak by faith over the vision, the dream, those goals, your aspiration. I want to encourage you to cultivate a strong friendship with the Holy Spirit. Be in love with the Father and the Lord every day. Allow your first love to be renewed and let it stay fresh like fresh morning dew. When this component of an intimate relationship is in place, and when you speak by faith, be filled with expectation. God is going to show up!

Today’s Activation:
Exercise our authority by speaking by faith in our prayers. Be conscious of the words we speak and activate words of faith to our situation and our future. Be lead by the Holy Spirit to speak by faith.

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