You don’t need to walk alone.

Step 2/21: Start today! Write by faith.

Faith without action is like a king who doesn’t rule.

Faith in Christ activates a considerable measure of authority. In Jesus’ dialogue to his disciples, He assured them that if they have faith and do not doubt, (if they can believe with action) to speak to the fig tree or to speak to the mountain to be removed to the sea. It will happen!

Faith without a shadow of doubt can manifest spiritual authority and power over the natural realm. Activating the power of faith is how God’s children can exercise dominion over the natural elements.

One may ask, what do I need to do? How should I begin exercising faith today?

You may start by writing down your heartfelt desires. In Habakkuk 2:2 says, “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets”. Write the faith plainly on paper, on your note taking the device. Write the vision with clarity. This writing process engages with your mind–conscious and subconscious mind. As you write by faith, articulate it verbally so that you are declaring it into your heart and soul. Focus on believing and not doubting. While you write, remember to engage with your positive emotions. Feel the joy, the fun and the excitement of the manifest faith turning these ideas into reality.

Remember, faith with action is like a king who knows his authority and rules over his realm. Write by faith today!

Today’s Activation:
Write your vision on a piece of paper or in your journal. Write as detail and as clear as possible. See it. Feel it. Believe it!

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