You don’t need to walk alone.

Step 18/21: Start today! Tested faith is good for the soul.

Before God places you in a new season, He needs you to realise that, you have all that it takes to cross over. His grace is sufficient for you. He needs you to know that you’ve grown. One of the best ways to enable you to realise is through testing. He would ensure that you pass the test, if only you stay the cause by putting your faith in Him.

Abraham was told to sacrifice Isaac, purely as a test of obedience and faith. When he commits in his heart to please God, the Lord provided a lamb. Abraham had faith to take on the test because deep inside, he knew, God can raise Isaac from death.

When you stand before challenges and crises, have assurance in the Lord, He will be by your side and grace you with wisdom, power and divine ability to take on these tests. He will allow His glory and splendour flow through you. All glory be to God because of your tested faith.

Tested faith is a process of maturing for all believing Christians. It is when you enjoy taking on testing and trial, you will soon discover the God-given capacity within. May you pass with flying colours!

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