You don’t need to walk alone.

Step 15/21: Start today! Have faith in Jesus in times of uncertainty.

Have you been in a transition period, as though you are standing at a cross junction, figuring out which direction to take? Yes, it can be stressful.

It was 2008 when my family uprooted from Malaysia to Melbourne, Australia. We immigrated under a student visa. I never had a sense of peace in the Spirit, but looking at external factors in the country, I agreed with those who advised me to take the step of faith. So we landed there, but a great sense of uncertainty kept rising, and it increases daily.

We, as a family unit had encountered waves of problems and crisis. To cut a long story short, nearly six months, we struggled daily. Finally, I had a sense from the Lord to return to Malaysia. I am glad I took that step of faith during uncertainty and had obeyed the promptings of the Spirit. Seven months later, there was a significant change, where the authority would not recognise and may not grant permanent residency to this category of visa holders.

Through this incident, I’ve learned to put my faith in Jesus in times of uncertainty. I learn to trust God in times of confusion, and when I lost my sense of life direction.

I can assure you that, God will never leave you even though you are in doubt, in fear and lose your life direction and purpose. The key is to remain faithful and cling on to Jesus. Stick closely with Him. He will guide you and lead you. He has great plans for you.

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