You don’t need to walk alone.

Step 12/21: Start today! Strengthen each other’s faith in the Lord.

Life is tough, and at times, we may have tough people around us. They might inflict us, intentionally or carelessly. These fierce people can shake our faith. It is only human that we feel weak and fearful when surrounded by them. Nevertheless, God is loving and kind. He will comfort us and standby us.

During one of the significant storms in my life, my faith in the Lord was shaken due to harsh and mean words spoken over me. I was battling them in my mind for approximately six weeks. I was at the verge of entering depression, and I knew darkness is creeping into my life, to destroy my conviction of God's calling over me.

During this crucial moment, I received a forwarded message from my university principal. Not knowing what I was battling, she congratulated me on my achievements, and she said I was a distinguished graduate for that year based on my Masters Dissertation. Her assurance cleared my doubts, and it strengthens my soul and spirit. My faith in the Lord rose again.

What I went through reminded me of a passage in the Bible of how Jonathan strengthens David's faith in the Lord. Each of us will need our 'Jonathan'. In a different season, God would use us as 'Jonathan' to strengthen one another. Are you currently a 'Jonathan' or are you 'David'?

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