You don’t need to walk alone.

Step 1/21: Start today! Faith is not determined by age.

Some people called it the Law of Attraction, but I would call it the Law of Faith.

My eldest son, a highly disciplined and diligent teenager started a habit of faithfully reading a chapter of the Bible every night before he sleeps. Then added another habit of doing his devotion every morning before school. He practices honouring God, and soon he becomes aware of God’s presence. Since the day he started, he understood the concept of this divine principle.

Recently he celebrated his 16th birthday. He had a wish list, and he has been praying for this to happen. As his parents, we knew this was an impossible wish list. However, by the third day after his birthday, all of his wishes came true.

These were his wishes:

  • To have a new laptop
  • To have a mobile phone
  • To learn to cycle
  • To have a birthday party with his cousins and close friends
  • To fix his Fitbit (but instead, he had an upgrade)

Even though he is just a 16 year old but his faith is beyond the age. He believes in a God who can perform miracles. I have learned from him the quality of holding on to hope and to trust God’s provision will come in His appointed time. He also taught me to be persistent and cultivate childlike faith while standing the course.

Age doesn’t matter in practising the Law of Faith. What matter most is, having a deep sense of belief that with God, all things are possible.

Today’s Activation:
What do you believe God for in your life?


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