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Raising Family: Let us sing!

My greatest joy for this week is to hear my children singing to God. It started a few days ago when my youngest son asked me to teach him to sing. I happily agreed, and we started vocal training. For our lessons, I choose worship songs, and our singing journey began. Later in the week, my daughter asked me to teach her vocals too! I was overjoyed! Since then, they have been singing worship songs every night. Each time I close my eyes and hear their voices, I get ministered too. No words can describe how grateful I am that God is raising them to be His worshippers.

I am inspired to continue our singing lessons. I believe the joy of singing starts with me or us, as parents. We set the example by singing. We can sing when we cook, drive or clean. Alternatively, we can sing along when we tune in to worship songs online or the radio. Let us fill our homes with worship!

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