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Raising Family: Decluttering the linen closet.

If you have been following my post on the decluttering process, I want to thank you for journeying with us. I hope you are encouraged to declutter and begin to live a clutter-free lifestyle.

Let us move on to clean up and organise the linen closet. My linen closet tends to be a dumping ground for many of our random things. I have to clean this area of our home most often to prevent it from being a catch-all.

Here is my decluttering process for my linen closet:

  1. My first step is to empty the shelves and place all the items on the floor.
  2. Next is to clean and wipe the shelves. I also take this time to vacuum the carpet or the floor.
  3. Then I start sorting, one item/category at a time. For example, I sort all the linen first, such as the bedsheets, quilts, blankets, throws and pillowcases. I keep the ones I use most often and consider donating the ones I no longer use or throw the stained or torn ones. Then I move on to the other items. (The Consider box is for things that I am not sure of letting it go. If I have not used it in a year or two, chances are I might never use it. I will declutter this box in six months to one year.)
  4. Remember the five categories and sort through the things into Keep, Toss, Sell, Donate or to be Considered.
  5. Next, I organise my linen closet using containers or boxes to hold similar items such as washcloths, towels, and so on. Then I keep like items together and arrange them neatly on the shelves.

Here are some tips I have learned:

  1. Keeping bedding sets together. Use one pillowcase to store the bedsheet and the other pillowcases alike together. Having the set in one pillowcase makes it easy to find and grab.
  2. Use fragrance sachets or drops of essential oils on a cotton ball and place it in the linen closet to keep it smiling fresh.
  3. Using baskets or boxes is an easy way to keep the shelves looking tidy.

I hope you find these tips useful. Play an audible book or turn on some music and enjoy your decluttering process. Fewer things, less clutter and less mess.


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