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Pushing through for victory

Many of us have had this moment in life, at least half a dozen time when we are under some constraints such as financial problems, relationship issues, health struggles, mental and emotional stress or spiritually burnout. We would probably give in to these constraints and give up pushing through for victory.

Often when we give up trying we feel a sense of regret or guilt. Thoughts like, “what will happen if I didn’t give up”; “how would the scenario be if I just push a little harder?” It’s a hard decision whether or not to push harder or to give up because both decisions will lead to different outcomes.

As I was riding my bicycle, the route I chose had many hills. As I cycle up the fourth hill, my thighs were burning and I was running out of breath. Along this hill, I noticed a nice resting corner and my subconscious mind started to focus on the idea of resting. It was so tempting to stop and take a break. A few ideas popped into my mind such as:

  • Take a short break.
  • Walk instead of the ride through the hill.
  • Stop the ride for a few seconds and grab a drink, take some photos of the scenes.

These are legit ideas especially when I felt exhausted. But as my conscious mind begins to take control, I started to stay focus on the goal. I found new strength in me as I cycle up the hill. I sang along with the music that was playing in my headphones and I synchronized my breathing with cycling. Gradually I made it passed the fourth hill and arrived at my first destination. I felt extremely proud of myself for not giving up on the way.

This experience taught me the power of my mind. When my body was feeling burnout and I was running short of breaths, and yet my mind is able to think differently. I felt an unexplainable strength being released and it enabled me to achieve my goal.

In life, we are constantly on the climb. We have easily six hills to conquer:

  • Mental-health hill
  • Emotion-health hill
  • Physical-health hill
  • Relations-health hill
  • Financial-health hill
  • Spiritual-health hill

As we learn to climb them, remember to set some clear goals, select your favorite songs which would motivate you along the journey and remember to enjoy yourself during the climb. If possible, bring a mutual friend along, preferably someone who has the same interest to climb with you. This would make the climb easier and more enjoyable.

Thanks again for taking some time to follow our stories. May you have a great day ahead!

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