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Preparing for the New Year: #1 Setting Clear Goals

Achieving Goals with Efficient Strategies and Practical Action Plan

There is always so much we want to do and achieve in our lives. It all starts with the first step, which is to have a goal. Once we set a clear purpose, we can plan some strategies and then put our plans into action.

Be specific. “You can’t hit a target if you can’t see it.” For example, if your goal is to lose weight or be healthier, write your ideal weight, you hope to reach, what is your desired weight? If it is health, what is your definition of ‘health’, try to be more specific. Use numbers, timeline such as days or once a week to be precise. For example, walk 5 km on Mondays and Wednesdays. Being specific helps you to stay on the target, and it becomes achievable.

Write down what you hope to achieve in the coming year. You can also be creative and use a vision board to remind you to stay on track on your goals.

Well done on your first step in being clear and specific on your goals.


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