You don’t need to walk alone.

It’s okay to be wrong

I've never heard this statement—it's okay to be wrong—until I met my mentor in the Bible School. She patiently taught me this concept and encouraged me to keep trying, keep moving forward and never allow mistakes or failures to act as hindrances.

At the initial stages, I struggled with this concept. It's difficult not to blame myself and those who mess up our plans and life. However, after a long season, I finally understood what the statement means by—it's okay to be wrong.

As soon as I understand it, my comprehension changes the way I look at life. It is also known as a paradigm shift.

To become a more successful person, we ought to have a paradigm shift. When we can master the art of perceiving life from various angles, we will have a wholesome view.

Thomas Edison perceived his mistakes as learning steps while third parties convinced that he had failed or made mistakes a thousand times.

It's essential to master the art of letting our mistakes go but holding on to the lesson which comes with it.

Today, in my mentoring program, I encourage my clients, my children and my church to face every mistake they have made.

I assure them that it's okay to fail but don't become a failure.

Let us face our mistakes with gladness because, with the correct learning lenses, we will be wiser. Without errors, one would not find solutions, and often, solution initiates creativity.

Most of the invention that changed the world we are living in had countless of fail attempts. However, the inventors persisted. They chose not to give up on their ideas and most importantly, they didn't give up on themselves.

How do you respond, or do you react amid mistakes and fail attempts?

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