You don't need to walk alone.


Our Main Message

If we had only a minute to share our heart with you, our heartfelt advice is, “Link up with a mentor.”

Our founder, Pastor Caleb, is a strong believer in mentoring. The reason for his deep belief in this ministry of mentoring is because his life was saved and eventually transformed into what it is today. If not for his mentors, he would have chosen the path of suicide.

In TODAYS Ministry, we invest our time and resources to journey with you. Don’t worry, we won’t rush you. We understand that some prefer to walk quicker while others take their time. Regardless of your personal pace, we’re in it for the long haul. There is no deadline, and there is no finishing line; life itself is a journey. We never stop growing and learning, not until our time on Earth ends. Let’s enjoy the journey to developing our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Mentoring Programs

One-on-one Mentoring

We place one-on-one mentoring at the top of our ministry list because we believe in it. In over 2 decades of ministry and mentoring, we got to witness the transformations in the lives of many. We celebrated with them as they progressed in every aspect of their lives.

Family Mentoring

“Families are the foundation of every society and nation.” Ever since the Lord revealed this revelation to us, we instantly repositioned our ministry focus and priority. We, therefore, set our hearts to journey with parents and their children together. It is said that “Children are our future leaders.” To that, we would like to add a fundamental truth; that is, “Parents set the cornerstones and foundations of our future leaders.”

Group Mentoring

Group Mentoring is specially designed for individuals who prefer interactions and teamwork. On this platform, we receive groups no larger than 12 people, ideally sets of between 6-12 persons. By doing so, our mentors get to provide both enough attention for personal focus and group dynamics in learning.

Request Appointment

Why wait? Our pastors have 20 odd years experience in the ministry of discipleship / mentoring. They have too many success stories to inspire you on your journey of faith in Christ Jesus.

Click email and request for an appointment. We could set up either an offline or online mentoring session.

The Power of 1%

We have discovered many effective keys to grow individuals, families, and groups of people. One of our personal favorites is the Power of 1%.

We would like to share more with you. Ask our pastors.

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