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He Is Still Their God

5 For the Lord of Heaven’s Armies
    has not abandoned Israel and Judah.
He is still their God,
    even though their land was filled with sin
    against the Holy One of Israel.”
How faithful is God? How loving is He? We read the scripture describing God’s faithfulness reaching the skies (Psalm 36:5). His love is as vast as the heavens (Psalm 36:5-7).
During Jeremiah’s era, God’s chosen people rejected and rebelled against their Creator. Throughout those decades, God went through lots of sorrowful seasons. He was disappointed, yet His love remains strong. God raised Jeremiah to speak, remind, lead, guide, rebuke and prepare the Israelites. At the end of Jeremiah’s ministry, God spoke through him to assure the Israelites that He was still their God. Even though they don’t deserve His lovingkindness, mercy and grace. Why? It is because they had filled the holy land with sin and intentionally sinned against the Holy One of Israel.
Fast forward to the pre-New Testament, God died for His people through His only Son, Christ Jesus. That act of Jesus on the Cross brought about a greater emphasis on Jeremiah 51:5. The question is, did the nation of Israel deserve God’s death? Also, do the Gentiles, the pagans, you, me and all future human race deserve the death of God’s only Son? Absolutely NOT. Yet God chose to allow brutal death and punishment to lay upon His Son. Why was that? It is because of His faithfulness, mercy and love.
We are thoroughly blessed and loved by God. It is never too late to come to a realization. What Christ has done does not require faith or a sense of belief. All it takes from us is a conscious effort to decide to follow the loving God. Why is that? It is because His deeds and His existence are nothing but facts! Gravity exists whether we choose to believe it or not. We do not need any measure of faith to experience g-force. It simply exists!
Let us renew our hearts and minds from this moment forward. Return to God and repent from any carelessness in the way we live. Let our daily living manifest God’s nature, character, likeness, truth, justice, righteousness, purity, holiness and love. Amen!


The doctrinal viewpoint expressed in these Bible studies is the author, Caleb a.k.a. Aaron Tan’s personal view. They may not align in all aspects with the orthodoxy of the places of worship (if named or referenced) where these bible study(s) may have been presented.

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