You don’t need to walk alone.

God’s blessings would turn you into a great nation!

Isaiah 51:2 Abraham was only one man when God called him. But when God blessed him, he became a great nation.
Hi, thank you for watching my video.
Did you know it is on God’s heart to bless you and make you wealthy? When God blesses His people, He likes to pour out blessings like a flood.
It started with Abraham, who faithfully journeyed with God. He patiently waited for God’s appointed time that his descendants turned into a great nation. It is not a nation but a great nation! That’s how God blesses His children and His people.
In this pandemic season, when uncertainties linger around us like shakes swimming to attack, I want to encourage you to cling to God. Learn faithfulness like the way Abraham faithfully followed, partnered and journeyed with the LORD. In the process, God would command wealth and riches to come knocking on your door. So don’t lose hope and heart in Him.
God is interested to bless you BIG! Not only gifts but wealth!
Take care, stay safe and see you in my next video.
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