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Gifts that could change your world, Part 3

This video is the third part of GIFTS THAT COULD CHANGE YOUR WORLD. Please watch the first two if you haven’t already viewed them.
Did you know God initiated a nationwide fundraiser for His building project? The entire chapter of Exodus 35 describes the event. God commanded Moses to organise the fundraiser. Through that, the children of Israel received an opportunity to bless the LORD.
God instructed Moses to make an announcement to the entire community of Israel. Only those who have a willing heart bring a sacred offering for the LORD (Exodus 35:4-5). God was particular and descriptive in what He sought after in terms of the type of gifts (Exodus 35:6-9). First, there were the tangible and the intangible gifts He asked from His people.
The LORD invited all the craftsmen to take up the assignment to build the Tabernacle (Exodus 35:10-19).
The entire assembly returned to their tents after hearing the announcement. All of those whose hearts and spirits were stirred and moved brought their sacred offerings to the LORD. Then, all the skilful women and craftsmen got to work according to the measure of grace within their gifting.
All the men and women with eager hearts presented their offerings to the LORD. I could imagine the excitement in the air and the festival-like atmosphere.
During that time, God chose Bezalel, who was a master craftsman and filled him with His Spirit. Then, Bezalel was instructed to impart his gift and skills to the others.
So what is the takeaway from the story?
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