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Facing The Storm of The Decade, 2

Facing the storm of the decade, how do I prepare myself as a mom?

Today WHO has declared it is now a Pandemic, and we need to be well prepared and hope for the best. My second step in preparing my family is to increase our immunity.

Here are some of my 10 practical tips:

  1. Vitamin C. (Take as instructed on the product label)
  2. Drink lots of water. (Plain water)
  3. Green smoothie. ( My essential ingredients are a handful of leafy greens, bananas, oranges, apples, spirulina, chia seeds, flax seeds and some water into a smoothie.)
  4. Olive leaf extract. (If we have first symptoms of flu or sore throat, we take a spoonful right away and daily till we feel well.)
  5. Chicken bone broth. (We take chicken soups at least twice a week.)
  6. Disinfect the house regularly. (Spray disinfectant and wipe down countertops and tables.)
  7. Keep the house clean.
  8. Keep our hands clean and wash our hands frequently, especially when we are out and about and before meals.
  9. Have a heart of gratitude and prayerfulness. ( Thank the Lord for His protection.)
  10. Good sleep. ( Last but not least, have enough sleep and a good night's sleep.)

Let's do our 1% every day to stay safe and healthy!

God bless you.


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