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Exploring The Mind Of God

What is Exploring the mind of God?

In its simplest explanation, the mind of God is God’s thoughts and His chain of thoughts. Exploring God’s chain of thoughts is fascinating. It is like having a treasure map in hand with the correct types of equipment. You then begin to take on the journey to dig those treasures.

Why should you explore that module?

I strongly encourage you to participate in that course because limitless treasures and blessings are awaiting you. It is like the treasure hunter following the roadmap. You would begin to explore the mind of God and discover all the goodness and blessings He has for you. There are many more you could benefit from Exploring The Mind of God!

Enrol Now

Click to secure a seat for yourself! It is super affordable!!! It is only AU$0.99 per session. So in total, you only contribute AU$9.90 for the entire course.

Webinar Date and Time

  • The first webinar starts on August 05, 2021.
  • 8:00 PM (AEST)
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