You don’t need to walk alone.

Every single promise… came true

Every single good promise that the Lord had given the nation of Israel came true. Joshua 21:45 (GW)

I’m inspired by this verse because within a short 7 years of Joshua’s partnership with You, he was graced to fulfilled every single promise for his people. Here we are not referring to planting churches, it wasn’t about new business startups, but it was conquering territories and taking over cities and nations. It’s one of the, if not, the highest tasks ever! How is this possible that within a short time, 7 years that the promises of the Lord are fulfilled?

Moses with the first generation were lost in the wilderness for 40 years. However, Joshua and his generation took only 7 years to complete the assignment and inherited the Promised Land. This is a huge distinction!

I could think of many reasons or contributing factors to Joshua’s generation. However, one which stood out the most is, Joshua’s leadership which was graced by You, secondly is the way he partnered with You. Unlike Moses’s leadership when he obeyed You but he likewise constantly stand between You and the people. As for Joshua, he partnered with You to lead his people and to work with You and his people.

God: So having to say all these, what is on your heart? What do you see?

Thank you for asking my Lord. What’s on my heart is to plant a few locations by the end of 2019. To be more precise, I wish to see 4 new locations get planted. I wish to journey with these families and together, we could reach their communities. I wish to see various one of these families begin the dynasty building journey. Through this simple expression that we advance Your kingdom to three and four generations.

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