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Decluttering Sentimentals

How do I declutter sentimental items? I think the hardest area to declutter in our homes has to be our sentimental things. I find this area challenging too. First and foremost, it is perfectly fine to keep our sentimental things.

#1 Limiting our sentimental things: The objective of decluttering our sentimental items is to limit the amount we would like to keep. For example, I am happy to use a box or container as storage. I choose the size of the box that I feel appropriate for me before I start decluttering. You can also use luggage or a carry on bag. Whatever suits your current needs. I find that giving myself a specific limit of storage space for my sentimental items helps me to keep what is valuable and reduce the clutter.

#2 Sorting: Having a storage box or container set in place, we can begin to declutter. Here are some questions I ask myself while I go through the decluttering process. If I can only choose ONE thing, which would it be and why? What is essential and valuable to me? After selecting that item, repeat the question and pick another thing. Keep going until the box is full or the decluttering is complete. In the process, throw, give or sell anything that does not need to keep. The other method is to sort through each item one at a time and decide if it is worth keeping or letting go.

#3 Letting go: It takes time to let go of sentimental items because it means something to us. If I am not sure or not ready to let it go, then I keep it till I am ready. Certain things carry along with an emotional attachment, and it is nice to have the keepsake. I learn not to be too harsh on myself on my sentimental items because it means something to me. Remember to give ourselves an allowance to enjoy precious things in our lives.

#4 Reduce storage: If there are too many things we want to downsize the clutter but keep the memory, here are some ways to reduce the storage.

Take photos of the item. For example, clothing that no longer fit or I only wore once that has a memory attached, I take a picture and let go of the item. I will take a photo of the artwork that my children or I had done. These photos will keep the memories and reduce my storage space.

Poster frame. Instead of buying picture frames to decorate my house, I use my children's artwork as my decor pieces. I can save money and appreciate their work.

Recycle. Be creative and turn the baby blanket into a cushion cover for your child's room. Make a quilt from the sentimental clothes and other fabrics. Turn the keepsake into something useful.

I hope these ideas will inspire you to continue the journey of decluttering and appreciating life. Enjoy and be blessed!


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